When is the AD&A Museum open to the public and what is the price of admission?

Information on the AD&A Museum’s hours of operation may be accessed on the Visit page of the website. Admission to the AD&A Museum is always free.

Where can I find information about what is currently on view at the AD&A Museum?

For information on current exhibitions, visit our Exhibitions page. A rotating selection of objects from our permanent collection is always on display. You may view information about the museum’s permanent collections by visiting either the Fine Arts Collection or the Architecture and Design Collection pages. If you have questions concerning the display of a specific object in the museum’s collection, please contact the museum directly at (805) 893-2951.

Where should I park? Can I reach the AD&A Museum with public transportation?

Information on parking and public transportation may be found on our Directions page.

How can I find out more about access to the museum for people with disabilities?

For information on disabled parking, passenger drop-off locations, and wheelchair access, please see our Tours page.

How do I arrange for a group visit or tour of the AD&A Museum?

Please contact the Museum at (805) 893-2951. Educators and UC Santa Barbara faculty who wish to schedule a class visit are advised to view our Teaching in the Museum page for additional information.

How can I rent the AD&A Museum for a private function?

Please contact the Museum at events@museum.ucsb.edu to inquire about facility rental.

How can I donate a work of art to the AD&A Museum?

Please visit our Donate page for more information on donating a work to the AD&A Museum. All donations are tax-deductible.

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