Munchin’ With Marion Post Wolcott

by Christine Chan, Hazel Naftzger, and Irene Suh, AD&A Museum Interns

In response to the recent exhibition, Isla Vista: Resistance and Progress by Marion Post Wolcott, the AD&A Museum interns have created a mini cookbook to pay tribute to her work. Follow the instructions below to create the zine and make the recipes!

Marion Post Wolcott was an American photographer born in New Jersey in 1910. Although best known for her works documenting the Great Depression era between 1938-1941, we highlight Post Wolcott’s pieces taken later in her career. After thirty years of living in various countries, Post Wolcott found inspiration in the rising resistance in Isla Vista, reigniting her passion for photography. In the early 1970s, UCSB became a space for movements of social unrest in opposition to the war in Vietnam, South African apartheid, police brutality, racism, etc. Post Wolcott found her progressive ideals reflected in this liberal atmosphere as she documented the living space unique to the students of Isla Vista. These photographs capture IV culture ranging from saturated images of surfboards and restaurants, to the aftermath of protests. 

In tribute to Marion Post Wolcott’s practice and the AD&A Museum’s exhibition Isla Vista: Resistance and Progress, we respond to her work with our very own recipes centering around food from IV culture. We highlight three dishes we believe are IV staples such as Buffalo Chicken Cheese Fries from IV Deli, Burrito Bowls from Freebirds, and smoothies from Blenders. With these recipes, we also made them vegan in connection to the environmental ideologies present in Post Wolcott’s works. Our goal is to engage others through food in learning about art as a social practice. 

What is a Zine?

A zine essentially functions as a platform for exchanging ideas between communities through low-tech media. In documenting our recipes and ingredient lists, we spread awareness through our food while making this easily accessible. Our design can be downloaded, printed, and then folded for anyone to access and share at home.

First, download and print our “Munchin’ with Marion” pdf. Next follow the step-by-step instructions below to fold your zine! You will need scissors to make a single cut in the center (Step #3).

Here is an example of how it will look like after the folding process. Enjoy!

*Our recipes can also be followed through our video cooking tutorial! Click below to watch.*

This blog post was developed and written by Christine Chan, Irene Suh, and Hazel Naftzger, the 2021–22 AD&A Museum Interns of Communications and Architecture and Design Collection, respectively. To learn more about the AD&A Museum Internship Program, please visit:

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