AD&A Museum in Space Exhibition

The Art, Design & Architecture Museum asked young artists to use their creative skills to answer these questions:

What would it be like to live on a different planet?

What kinds of people or creatures would live there?

What would they do for fun or for work?

Now we get to show off your awesome submissions!

Sophia Acosta

Planet Rainbow by Sophia A., age 7.

Sophia’s description:

“On Planet Rainbow they like to garden. It is a very sunny planet with rainbow mountains and purple water. The creatures on Rainbow planet are all different. Different colors, sizes, eyes and hair.”

Addy B.

Untitled by Addy B., age 5.

Addy’s description:

“The three bottom figures are Addy´s family (Left to right Daddy, Addy, and Mommy). Addy is holding hands with them and feeling sad. The two flying creatures are attacking them and trying to get them with their hooks that are coming from a big seed. The big planet is Mars, a present for the people that the monsters are trying to get from them too. So the people gave it to them and they all celebrated with ice cream, with what she called “peace ice cream”. “

Jonah Ollin AD&A-2

The Universe of Extreme Attack Chaos by Jonah O., age 8.

Read Jonah’s hand-written description here 

Spencer Prentice

Rocket Mission by Spencer P., age 6.

Stoon _ Star & Moon (1)-page-001

Stoon- Star and Moon by Maximus H., age 9.


Thank you to all of our artists for their submissions!

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