Schoolhouse and the Bus

Graduate students, Jing Cao and Leticia Cobra Lima, recently wrote an article on Pablo Helguera and Suzanne Lacy’s Schoolhouse and the Bus, an exhibition featured at UC Santa Barbara’s AD&A Museum. Their article was recently published in Art Practical. Here’s an excerpt of their piece:


“The Schoolhouse and the Bus: Mobility, Pedagogy, and Engagement, an exhibition formerly at the Art, Design & Architecture Museum at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and opening February 9 at the Rubin Foundation’s The 8th Floor gallery in New York, pairs two genre-defining works of social-practice art: Suzanne Lacy and Pilar Riaño-Alcalá’s Skin of Memory (1999) and Pablo Helguera’s The School of Panamerican Unrest (2006). Pioneers in the field, Lacy’s New Genre Public Art1 was an early incarnation of contemporary participatory practices, while Helguera formalized and substantiated the discipline.2 We sat down for separate interviews with Lacy, Helguera, and exhibition co-curators Elyse A. Gonzales and Sara Reisman to discuss the exhibition, the state of social-practice art, and the importance of the artists’ quality of engagement, both with the original participants in a project and with the secondhand museum audience.”

Interested? Go check out the rest of the article:



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