Exhibitions of Architectural Materials

Barton Myer’s 2014 exhibition “Works of Architecture and Urbanism” and Walter S. White’s 2015 “Inventions in Midcentury Modern” were great exhibitions shown by the AD&A Museum on campus. They captured the character and style of the architect within the museums walls and demonstrated to their audiences the history and development of their designs. Each exhibition featured a reconstruction from the architects design offices creating an authentic setting for the audience to enjoy viewing and imagining the contextual design setting of the works on the walls.

The architects’ most salient stylistic aesthetics were prominently displayed and emphasized to achieve a wholesome design development. Barton Myers’, “Works of Architecture and Urbanism” featured over 50 years of his design practice spanning notable works such as his designs for performance art buildings, modern homes and large complex buildings of university dormitories. Walter S. White, “Inventions in Midcentury Modern” showcased his most notable and unique works of design. White’s ingenuity for invention, including his hyperboloid roofs, and his keen values as an environmentally friendly architect were prominently displayed through his designs.

Architectural materials such as blueprints and perspective sketches are lacking in the typical design elements expected of a work of art and are thus difficult to appease to the curiosity of the audience. Many of these designs are very technical and can only be interpreted by knowledgeable individuals. The museum display of these technical design was facilitated by the incorporation of photography to create a setting in which the viewer could create a connection of the concept of the building, created by the architect, and the realized project in photography. These display techniques along with the recreation of the architect’s office spaces create a context in which the methodological architectural designs are able to shine and be appreciated by the audiences who view them.

-Jocelyne Lopez, AD&A Intern

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