Winter/Spring Exhibitions: Opening Reception

This past Friday, on January 19, 2016, the AD&A Museum hosted its reception for the opening of the winter/spring exhibitions. As usual, there were appetizers and drinks to greet the musuem members and guests, with music provided by KCSB, UC Santa Barbara’s radio station. The reception was crowded and lively, with many guests lingering both inside and outside of the museum.

Currently on display are four exhibitions. The “California 101: Art from the Collection” exhibition, a collection of influential post-war artists who helped to build a series of collectives that spurred the rise of conceptual art in a time when the creative world was dismissive of the West Coast. This exhibition will be used as educational material in Jenni Sorkin’s course, Art in California, 1940-2016, “Lucile Lloyd: A Life in Murals” focusing on Llyod’s murals and decorative designs for the Works Progress Administration’s Federal Arts Project. The exhibition includes an altarpiece from the St. Mary of the Angels Church in Los Feliz, California, on loan for the first time. Deborah Spivak, Ph.D., teaches the upper division course The Arts of Spain and New Spain, that is the focus of the Art of Colonial Latin America exhibition. This exhibition demonstrates the creative interaction of the European and indigenous traditions in paintings and woodcarvings in the 16th and 17th century.

-Crystal, AD&A Intern

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