Halloween Figure Drawing in the Museum

Halloween Figure Drawing 2 Halloween Figure Drawing 3

This past Thursday, on October 29, the AD&A Museum hosted a free figure drawing session to celebrate Halloween. The live model dressed up in a Marie Antoinette costume to add to the holiday spirit. Center for Lifelong Learning instructor at Santa Barbara City College and artist, Colin Gray (MFA 1983 Art), came to give demonstrations in sketching and share a wide range of figure drawing techniques, from more realistic to more abstract approaches.

As participation in the event required no prior experience, the turnout was quite large and included a great diversity in levels of sketching experience. Many were people who sketch as a hobby, or have taken beginner’s drawing classes before, and wanted to use the Halloween figure drawing event as an opportunity to draw from a live model. Pencils and paper were provided, although a few participants brought their own materials. And of course, because it was Halloween, candies were handed out on the way out the door.

-Crystal Long, ADA Intern

Gray brought some of this own sketches to use as examples.

Gray brought some of this own sketches to use as examples.

Halloween Figure Drawing 4

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