Mystical Absolutes

The 2015 UCSB Department of Art MFA Thesis Exhibition

Mystical Absolutes centers on the suspended places and objects located
somewhere between fixed and unfixed, real and unreal, place and

Photos courtesy of Jenalee Harmon.

The UCSB Art Department’s MFA Students created an exhibition titled Mystical Absolutes that is open for viewing from May 16th to May 31st at the AD&A Museum.

This exhibition plays with the perception of an imagined idea of reality.  Conceptual thoughts are in a state of flux with the space of reality. It is being pulled in an endless amount of directions. The MFA students have used their geographical proximity to Los Angeles to incorporate the idea of constantly changing territorial centers and edges in their work.

Colors, lights, projections, and abstract shapes and objects are found in many of these works to create a visually and mentally stimulating and interactive space. The artists drew from various themes such as their childhood, personal experiences, and locations and spaces as inspiration.

by Elizabeth Jang

AD&A Communications and Education Outreach Intern

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