The Gift of Art: Our Donors

As a non-profit organization, the AD&A Museum relies on the generosity of alumni, art enthusiasts, and the community to capacitate the continuation of our institution and enable a thriving artistic culture within the Santa Barbara community. People can become benefactors in many ways and each contribution is important. Patrons engage the AD&A Museum in many ways, ranging from monetary gifts to the donation of entire collections. Each gift to the Art, Design & Architecture Museum can be designed to coincide with the donor’s interests, to achieve the donor’s vision and goals while simultaneously meeting the mission and the highest priority needs of the AD&A Museum. In this way, the institution and its donors work together to achieve mutual goals and to shape the continuing artistic culture of the community.

The AD&A Museum has recently been privileged with Eva Haller’s generous donation of Fletcher Benton’s large “Folded Circle T and Arc” sculpture installed by the UCSB Department of Art. Haller was interviewed by the UCSB Current about her donation and gives expressive insight into her passion for and support of the arts. To watch the video and read the article click here: .

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