What’s in your wallet?

The Art, Design & Architecture Museum is lucky to house over 8000 works of art including 5000 works on paper. But largely unknown is our ethnographic collection, which includes approximately 2000 works encompassing African, Oceanic, Native American, Pre-Columbian and Persian cultures.  Many of these works served as the basis of the museum’s Wunderkammer Installation, a mini version that can now be seen in the Museum’s Jewel Box which includes shell configuration of faces, an identifying hallmark of the Wunderkammer.This quarter Professor Jeanette Peterson and Professor Sylvester Ogbechie put together small installations in the Museum’s Jewel Box using the Wunderkammer as a back drop. Culled from the museum’s collection to augment their respective classes, Dr. Peterson’s Pre-Columbian survey class was required to identify various artifacts from Mayan and Inka cultures while Professor Ogbechie included works from Native American, African and Oceanic cultures to present a sense of size and physical properties. Both faculty members added works from their own collections. Over a three week period, 100 students visited the Museum’s Jewel Box!

If you would like to see behind the scenes, please don’t hesitate to contact us at the museum, we welcome all classes to experience what’s in our wallet!!!

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